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About Us

Small Axe Tree Service

We at Small Axe Tree Service have been crafting healthy canopy’s in our home community since 2017. Small Axe is your #1 tree removal service in Oahu, Hawaii! We are professionally trained and certified to provide you with an experienced tree removal service. No job is too big or too small, we do them all!
You don’t have to be a total tree hugger to recognize the importance of great tree care! Trees are complex structures that need care and maintenance to exist in our urban environment. Our approach to tree maintenance is uniquely tailored to the climate and conditions of your specific trees as well as our local environment. We treat the trees on your property like bonsai masterpieces!
At Small Axe Tree Service we take into consideration the complex nature of shared trees and overhanging canopy’s between neighbors. We believe good trees make good neighbors. Between neighbors and trees, there is always a solution. We love our neighbors trees in the summertime for keeping us cool and we don’t mind the overhang if it’s a fruiting mango tree, but when the tree gets too messy we don’t always need to resort to hacking a perfectly good tree. In some cases, overhanging tree canopies can present an unacceptable risk to safety and or property and must be addressed. At Small Axe Tree Service, We have the experience to find the best possible pruning and maintenance strategies to maintain healthy trees and healthy relationships between neighbors.

Your trees are all exceptional trees when you call small axe tree service.

Why Small Axe Tree Service Was Created:

Founder, Marcus Meaut, decided to create Small Axe after working years in the industry as an employee and saw a need for a high-quality tree service company that cares about you, the customer.
Marcus has done forestry work, residential and commercial tree maintenance, planting, harvesting, milling wood, tree planting, and more. He has over a decade of experience in long-term and service planning-type work for both commercial and residential tree service.

The Meaning Behind “Small Axe”

The idea is that you can take a huge tree down with a small axe.