Alexandra Palm Tree

About The Alexandra Palm Tree

Archontophoenix alexandrae –Alexandra Palm

Other Common Names: King Palm, Northern Bangalow Palm

Archontophoenix alexandrae, commonly known as Northern Bangalow Palm, King Palm, or Alexandra Palm, is a tall palm that can grow up to 30 meters. It often grows in forests near the seaside and in locations that become swamped and flooded during heavy rains. Alexandra Palm trees have the ability to survive these conditions, that is why they are considered as the dominant species.

This tree has a single gray trunk, which grows up to 30 centimeters thick. The trunk is smooth, but circled with obvious leaf marks and is usually extended at the base. It has gigantic leaves which are usually 3.5 to 4.5 meters long, arranged alternately and are bunched up at the upper portion of the trunk.

The leaves are twisted laterally and not held flat. They are exhibited on thick stalks that can be up to 40 centimeters long. The big leaves also have around 60 to 80 slender leaflets on each of the sides.

The stalks are usually colored bright green or light green, while the leaflets are characterized by their upper surfaces that are dark green in color and undersides that are whitish-green or silvery-gray.

The flowers of the Alexandra Palm are mostly colored white or cream. They are produced in clusters and appear just below the bases of the leaf stalk. They are followed by the fruits, which are small, rounded, and red in color. As the fruits age, they lose their red covering and the brown and fibrous under-surface are exposed.

The Alexandra Palm is also often used as an ornamental plant, as it is cultivated because of its great form and appeal.