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Princess-flower Tree Trimming Oahu

Princess-Flower Tree

About The Princess-Flower Tree Tibouchina urvilleana – Princess-flower Other Common Names: Lasiandra, Glorybush, Purple Glory Bush, Tibouchina Tibouchina urvilleana is an exotic shrub that is known to grow wild in Brazil’s tropical rainforests. It belongs to the Melastome family, Melastomataceae and is commonly known as Glorybush, Lasiandra, Purple Glory Bush, Tibouchina, or Princess Flower. Princess …

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Be-still Tree Trimming Oahu

Be-Still Tree

About The Be-Still Tree Thevetia peruviana – Be-still Tree Other Common Names: Yellow Oleander, Luckynut Thevetia peruviana is a small ornamental tree that belongs to the Apocynaeae family. It is also commonly known as Yellow Oleander, Yellow Bells, Lucky Nut, and Be-still Tree. The trees are usually found in savannas, pastures, as well as banks of …

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Milo Tree Trimming Oahu

Milo Tree

About The Milo Tree Tree Thespesia populnea – Milo Other Common Names: Pacific Rosewood, Indian Tulip Tree, Seaside Mahoe, Portia Tree Thespesia populnea is a fast growing flowering plant species that belongs to the Malvaceae or mallow family. It is commonly known as Portia Tree, Pacific Rosewood, Seaside Mahoe, Indian Tulip Tree, or Milo and …

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Mountain Apple Tree Trimming Oahu

Mountain Apple

About The Mountain Apple Tree Syzygium malaccense – Mountain Apple Other Common Names: Malaysian Apple, Rose Apple, Pomerac, Malay Apple, Otaheite-apple,  ‘Ohi’a ‘Ai Syzygium malaccense is a flowering tree species that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is native to Australia, New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, but is also introduced to many tropical …

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Pukiawe Tree Trimming Oahu

Pukiawe Tree

About The Pukiawe Tree Styphelia tameiameiae – Pukiawe Styphelia tameiameiae is a flowering plant that belongs to the Ericaceae family. It can be in different forms, from a wide-spreading shrubs to small, upright trees. It is commonly known as Maiele or Pukiawe, and is indigenous in Marquesas Islands and Hawaii. As a shrub, the Pukiawe …

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Mamane Tree Trimming Oahu

Mamane Tree

About The Mamane Tree Sophora chrysophylla – Mamane Other Common Names: Mamani Sophora chrysophylla is a perennial flowering plant that is prevalent in Hawaii. It belongs to the pea and bean family, Fabaceae, and is also known as Mamani or Mamane. They usually grow scattered in dry to moist forests as well as shrub lands, …

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Emperor's Candlesticks Tree Trimming Oahu

Emperor’s Candlesticks Tree

About The Emperor’s Candlesticks Tree Senna alata – Emperor’s Candlesticks Other Common Names: Candlebush, Candlestick Senna, Ringworm Bush, Christmas-candle, Ringworm Senna, Candle Bush, Golden Candle, Senna alata is a medicinal plant and an ornamental flowering plant that belongs to the pea family, Fabaceae. Its common names include Candletree, Candle Bush, Candelabra Bush, Christmas Candles, Empress Candle …

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