Dogtail Tree

About The Dogtail Tree

Buddleja asiatica – Dogtail

Other Common Names: Dog Tail, Asian Butterfly Bush

Buddleja asiatica is a shrub or a small tree that belongs to the family of Buddlejaceae. It is pervasive in the East Indies, such as in Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, where it grows in open woodland. It is commonly known as Dogtail or Dog Tail, but also referred to as the Asian Butterfly Bush.

Dogtails generally grow between 1 to 8 meters tall, but can grow taller, especially when in the wild. Usually, the leaves are ovoid or narrowly lanceolate, which means that they are long and wide in the middle, like the tip of a lance or spear. The leaves can grow to more than 3o centimeters in length, and are attached to the branches by stalks or petioles that are 15 millimeters long. The colors of the leaves are distinctly green above, but whitish green below.

The flowers of the Dogtail are usually white, however, there are occasional instances when greenish and pale violet flowers grow. They are also known for their pleasantly sweet and fruity smell. The sizes of the flowers can vary widely, depending on the source, but the flower spikes can grow up to 8 inches or 20 centimeters long.

The seeds, on the other hand, are pale brown in color, elliptical, and are anywhere between 0.8 to 1 millimeter by 0.3 to 0.4 millimeter.

The leaves of the Dogtail are collected and used as food for domesticated animals, while the trunk is used as firewood. The white flowers are often made into necklaces and are worn by the relatives during wedding rituals.