Mountain Apple

About The Mountain Apple Tree

Syzygium malaccense – Mountain Apple

Other Common Names: Malaysian Apple, Rose Apple, Pomerac, Malay Apple, Otaheite-apple,  ‘Ohi’a ‘Ai

Syzygium malaccense is a flowering tree species that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is native to Australia, New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, but is also introduced to many tropical countries and territories. It is also known by its common names including Malay Rose Apple, Rose Apple, Pink Satin-ash, Otaheite Apple, Pommerac, or Mountain Apple.

The Mountain Apple is a tropical tree, so it will not grow in freezing temperatures. In ideal conditions, it can grow from 12 to 18 meters or 39 to 59 feet tall. In some areas, it can even grow more than 60 feet. It has an upright trunk and a grayish brown bark.

The leaves have a glossy, dark green color on the upper surface and a lighter green tone on the underside. They have a leathery texture and an elliptic to almost a narrow egg shape. When newly grown, the leaves have a pinkish bronze color, which makes them very attractive.

The flowers of the Mountain Apple tree usually blooms in early summer. They grow in clusters on the branches and sometimes, even on the trunk. Their colors range from hot pink to red, and rarely, white. After three months, the flowers are followed by ripened fruits.

Mountain Apple fruits are oblong-shaped and dark red. There are also some varieties with white or pink skins, that is why they are also regarded as the most beautiful among its genus. Inside the fruit is white flesh with a large seed. The fruit is edible, with a bland and refreshing taste. It is often prepared with ginger and brown sugar and made into a jam.