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Drop Crotch Tree Pruning

What You Need To Know About Drop Crotch Tree Pruning 

Many trees nowadays have become too large for most homeowners. This doesn’t mean that you should just get rid of them, though. You also shouldn’t just aggressively prune or top the tree to reduce its size. Drop crotch tree pruning can be a good solution to the possible problems that a large tree can cause in many residential properties.

The Basics of Drop Crotch Tree Pruning

Pruning your tree is a common task and responsibility for those who have trees in their yards. However, not all kinds of pruning are good for your tree. There are also correct and wrong ways to do it.

What you need to know about drop crotch tree pruning is it’s a great way to reduce a tree’s size and height without altering its natural shape or damaging its growth. It’s a specific pruning technique that needs a bit of precision so you can get the best results.

When done properly, it can reduce the height and weight of your tree without altering or hindering its natural growth. It can also help mitigate branch failure that can affect its health.

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Very few professional arborists, landscapers, and tree service companies (like us, Small Axe Tree Service) offer drop crotch tree pruning to help property owners to manage the growth of their trees. 

Seeking professional help for such matters can ensure that the tree won’t be damaged by careless and aggressive pruning. This will come in handy for those with fruit-bearing trees as pruning can lead to cropless seasons, only to be followed by a massive yield seasons later.

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