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Small Axe Tree Service is your #1 tree removal services in Oahu, Hawaii! We are professionally trained and certified to provide you with an experienced tree removal service. No job is too big or too small, we do them all!

Our tree removal service is backed by our experience and expertise.

We also handle any tree care jobs you may need from tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, to tree maintenance.

As a full-service tree company, we can take care of your tree concerns and make sure that your trees are well taken care of, and leave you worry-free.

Our Oahu tree removal experts uses proper tree removal equipment and techniques to minimize tree damage to your property. 

We assess your tree removal needs and provide you with the most cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality or performance.

We encourage customer participation when tree planning to achieve tree safety while keeping your property at its most refined form.

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Below we’ve provided you with a small guide about tree removal to help answer any questions you may have.

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Tree Removal Oahu

Signs Your Tree May Be In Danger Of Falling And Needs To Be Removed?

Even though the decision to remove a tree is not always easy, there are many instances in which it is the best option. If a tree does need to be removed, it’s best not to put it off any longer. The longer a tree is standing, the more expensive and dangerous the tree removal will be.

Here are several warning signals that your tree may need to be removed:

Your Tree Is Leaning At An Angle

Tree removal is necessary if your tree is leaning at an uncomfortable or unsafe angle. If tree removal is not performed, the tree may eventually fall on someone’s house or property, causing damage and injury.

Your Tree Is Infected Or Dying

Tree removal is necessary if your tree is rotting or infected. Dead tree limbs are weighty and prone to falling without even the slightest gust of wind. If the tree falls, it could cause damage to other trees, property, homes, and cars.

Your Tree’s Base Is Decaying

If tree base rot is suspected, tree removal should be considered. The tree may still look like it is standing upright, but an internal infection could be visible from the surface. Tree removal will prevent tree collapse and tree damage, leading to tree limb breakage.

Your Tree’s Crown Has Dead Branches

If tree crown death is noticeable, tree removal should be considered. The tree may still look sturdy from the ground level, but branches can separate from the tree trunk due to heavy winds and rain. Falling tree limbs could cause damage to property or people.

Additional Potential Hazards To Consider

In addition to tree disease, tree infection, tree rotting, and tree crown death, consider these additional hazards when deciding whether or not to remove a tree:

    • Trees are located near power lines and tree branches growing over power lines.
    • Trees are located close to homes, carports, garages, and sheds.
    • Trees are located near walkways or tree limbs growing over sidewalk paths.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The cost of removing a tree is primarily determined by the size of the tree being removed. The price will also be influenced by the condition of the tree and the difficulties of its removal. It typically costs $1,200 to remove a tree from a property. Smaller trees can be removed for as little as $400 or less. Trees up to 100 feet in height might cost upwards of $2,000 to remove.

Factors Influencing The Cost Of Tree Removal

To determine tree removal cost, consider these factors:

    • Size – The tree being removed has a considerable impact on tree removal costs. Tree removal contractors typically use machinery to maximize safety and efficiency during tree removal, which means that more giant trees are more challenging to remove. Larger equipment also means an increase in labor costs.
    • LocationTree service in Oahu, Hawaii costs more when the tree is located on a difficult-to-access site, such as one with steep slopes or underwater terrain. This challenge requires an increase in labor costs. Accessibility may also be influenced by the tree’s proximity to power lines, which means additional charges.
    • Tree’s Condition – Tree removal service costs more when the tree is infested with termites or other insects. These types of tree conditions can increase insect populations harmful to nearby trees. Tree removal costs rise further due to tree removal’s added danger after taking safety precautions against potential injury.
    • Proximity To Other Structures – Tree service costs more when the tree is located too close to a home or property. This tree damage risk increases tree removal costs because of additional safety precautions. The tree may also require additional trimming to remove tree limbs and branches.
    • Client Specifications – The tree service client may request additional features such as chipping tree debris or tree stump grinding,  which will increase tree removal costs. Other specifications such as tree disposal requirements and tree planting services will also affect tree removal costs.

Take Caution When Dealing With Low-Cost Tree Removal Companies

Tree removal companies with low prices could have tree removal cost savings, but tree service fraud may also be a factor. Be cautious of tree service deals that offer tree removal significantly less than the market average price. Low tree removal prices could indicate tree damage fraud where tree stumps are being filled in after tree removal to mask tree stumps.

Tree removal companies provide tree service for less, but tree damage may still be occurring. Low tree removal costs could indicate tree removal scams where the tree is not being removed or low-quality service where diseased or dead trees are not being removed.

Low tree removal price is not always the best tree service deal when it comes to tree removal. Small Axe Tree Service offers tree services in Oahu, Hawaii, at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Company

Having trees in your yard has several benefits. They can give shade, reduce neighboring noise, and boost your property value. They can also assist in enhancing water and air quality and reducing soil erosion.

However, there are many reasons to remove a tree from your property. Dying or dead trees can be dangerous, as can trees leaning or too close to your home.

Do you need to decide between hiring a tree removal service and doing it yourself?

Here are six convincing reasons to employ a professional tree service rather than do it yourself:

Saves Time And Money

Professional tree removal companies provide tree services with high-quality results. They have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure tree branches are cleared away without damaging your home or property. A tree service will save you time, money, and hassle for poor-quality tree removal.

High-Quality Results

Professional tree service companies offer high tree removal quality services at competitive tree service costs. A tree service will ensure that tree branch clearance is done without damaging your home or property. When it comes to tree trimming, pruning, and other tree removal services, you’ll get superior quality results with a professional tree service.

Trained Tree Removal Professionals

Tree removal professionals have tree removal training and tree service experience. Professional tree services offer service contracts to ensure tree branches are cleared away without damaging your property. They also provide tree pruning, tree trimming, and other tree services with trained tree removal professionals to get the tree removal job done right.

No Tree Damage To Property Or Injury

By hiring tree services, you do not risk damage to your property or injury to yourself when tree branches are being removed from your yard. When it comes to tree branch clearing, tree lopping, or tree service in general, you’ll get quality results without tree damage or tree service risks.

Expertise And Tools For Tree Removal

Tree removal companies have tree removal expertise and tree service equipment that enables them to ensure tree branches are cleared away without damaging your property. For tree branch trimming, tree pruning, or other tree services in Oahu, Hawaii, you’ll get the highest quality tree service results with expertise from tree removal equipment and tree services.

Peace Of Mind And Safety Guarantee

You prepare the tree for tree services and let them get to work on your tree removal job with tree services. With tree branch clearing, you don’t need to worry about property damage and injury risks, which comes with a peace of mind tree service guarantee.

You don’t need to worry about tree damage or injury risks when you hire a tree removal company because the tree service does the work for you. You can also rest assured that tree services will do high-quality tree service work at competitive tree removal prices guaranteed. Tree services are available for your convenience to schedule an appointment at a tree service time that is good for you.

Other Tree Services That We Offer

  • Tree Care & Long Term Maintenance
  • Tree Reduction
  • Interior Tree Reduction
  • Structural Tree Reduction
  • Tree Canopy Thinning
  • Tree Canopy Cleaning
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Landscape Cleanup & Clearing
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Hedge Trimming & Reduction
  • Tree Hazard Mitigation
  • Emergency Tree Services

Why Hire Small Axe Tree Service?

Small Axe Tree Service Company is a tree service company in Oahu, Hawaii, with tree services available for your convenience. All tree services are done by tree removal experts who know how to get the tree removal job done right. 

Certified Arborists

Small Axe Tree Service in Oahu, Hawaii, is a tree service company with tree removal experts who are certified, arborists. This tree service training means tree removal services are performed to the highest tree service quality standards.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Small Axe Tree Service offers tree services guaranteed to leave you satisfied. The tree service quality results will meet or exceed your tree removal expectations. As a tree service customer, if you’re not happy with the tree service work, we’ll return and fix the tree branch removal at no extra cost to you.

Trained And Licensed Tree Removal Professionals

Small Axe Tree Service tree removal professionals have tree service training and tree services licenses to get the tree branch clearing job done right. Tree services expertise ensures tree branches are removed from your yard without tree damage or injury risks.

On-Call, In Case Of Emergency

Small Axe Tree Service is available seven days a week for tree removal emergencies that happen at tree service times. As tree removal professionals, we understand tree emergencies happen, and tree services are available to handle tree branch clearing right away.

We Use Advanced Tree Removal Equipments

Small Axe tree services tree removal equipment is tree service state-of-the-art, and tree services are performed with tree removal technology that minimizes tree damage and injury risks. Tree services expertise ensures your tree service job is done right the first time.


What’s Involved In The Tree Removal Process?

In tree removal services, the tree is prepared for tree services by setting up tree service equipment and tree branch trimming as needed. Once tree removal is done, the tree stump grinds away tree stumps, and cleanup of any tree debris is left to you or your landscape professional.

Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Tree?

Some tree removal services require tree removal permits, while others don’t. It depends on your tree services location. In some areas, tree removal is allowed at any tree service time with proper tree service licensing and insurance for tree branch trimming. In other areas, tree services may require a permit to get the tree removed adequately, depending on your property’s zoning tree services requirements.

Do I Have To Be Home For The Removal Process?

No,  not usually. In some cases, where a driveway or difficult access is involved, you may need to be home for the tree removal service. As a courtesy, we try to call ahead so you can make arrangements.

All Your Tree Services Needs, Small Axe Tree Service, Is Your Best Choice!

Small Axe Tree Service offers various tree service services for you to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions about our company or the different tree removal services we offer. As your top choice in Oahu, Hawaii, for all your tree service needs, you can count on Small Axe Tree Service to get it done right.

For more information about our tree removal services, contact Small Axe Tree Service at (808) 518-4045 or submit your inquiry through the form on this page to get a FREE estimate!