Tree Trimming Services Oahu

We at Small Axe Tree Service offer all the essential tree trimming services from the deepest roots to the tips of the leaves. Listening to your concerns, knowing your priorities, and answering all questions for your project is an essential step to each of our tree service processes. Call us today (808)783-1844 for a free quote and provide you with a personalized experience.

Meticulous canopy cleanup or major canopy restructure, Small Axe Tree Service is staffed with industry professionals who are ready to get the project done.

Landscape Cleanup Services Oahu

  • Managing the trees and green living space of a property requires knowledge and years of experience. Whether you are preserving soil integrity on a sloped property, cutting a fire break, or clearing invasive shrubs on an overgrown lot, our team of industry professionals are trained to take a broad spectrum approach to your land development project.
    • Windbreak tree maintenance and thinning
    • Fire break cutting
    • Lot clearing
    • Root extraction
    • Debris removal
    • Tree planting
    • Tree planting for sloped properties and soil retention
    • Invasive tree removal

Tree Pruning Oahu

  • A thoughtful approach to pruning:
  • Did you know that a well maintained tree can add up to 30% to your property’s value? In contrast, poorly maintained trees may be a major safety hazard and liability. Small Axe Tree Service has been crafting healthy canopy’s in our home community since 2017. Our approach to tree maintenance is uniquely tailored to the climate and conditions of your specific trees as well as our local environment. We treat the trees on your property like bonsai masterpieces! Meticulous canopy cleanup or major canopy restructure, Small Axe Tree Service is staffed with industry professionals who are ready to get the project done.

Tree Thinning Oahu

  • Try our tree thinning service that allows you to enjoy the views of the aina and improve your tree’s health. Small Axe will go above and beyond to preserve the natural form of your trees and stimulate maximum growth. Each of our workers are passionate about the environment and will treat each tree as if they are our own!

Tree Removal Oahu

  • Removing a tree is a big decision. We provide a professional evaluation of your trees to ensure that removal is the best solution when beyond saving. Some trees may present an unacceptable hazard to yourself, family, pedestrians, parked cars. They can also be an unnecessary liability, with tree root damage to water pipes, home foundations, retaining walls, and valuable infrastructure. Small Axe understands the importance of your tree care provider to be able to bring a broad spectrum approach to your tree care project.

Stump Removal Oahu

  • We can remove any unwanted stumps in the way of your next landscape project.
  • Stump removal service is the next step to starting the next landscape project of your dreams. Whether you want to leave the space empty or plant native plants, we run the project right so you don’t have to!
  • Did you know that generally the mass of a tree’s canopy is matched below in its roots? Tree roots in the South Pacific generally travel in a lateral direction. This is often the cause of damage to cement structures such as pathways, retaining walls, foundations, plumbing and other below ground infrastructure. It is important to hire a competent tree care professional to identify such risks and mitigate any term tree root damage to your property

Canopy Cleaning and Reduction

  • Your trees should be an asset not a liability! Whether your trees need dead woofing and canopy cleanup or a major structural limb reduction, contact us at Small Axe Tree Service to book a walkthrough and estimate for your project.

Landscape Cleanup Services Oahu

  • At Small Axe Tree Service, we understand that trees are complex organisms and recognize the tremendous value trees have on lifestyle, climate, and even property value. We believe in quality first and it shows in our team! Our team is led by industry professionals with over a decade in the industry. Our crew is all about safety and professionalism on your job site. We can help care for and cultivate a beautiful outdoor space for you.

Emergency Tree Services

  • Small Axe is available seven days a week for tree removal emergencies that happen at any time. As tree removal professionals, we understand tree emergencies happen, and tree services are available to handle tree branch clearing right away.