The Benefits Of Having Trees

The Benefits Of Having Trees

You may want to think twice before you remove a tree from your property. There may be more benefits of having them than you may have thought.

It’s not unusual for people to get attached to the trees on their property and in their neighborhood, in much the same way that people can get attached to their pets. It’s also not unusual for people to get drawn to trees. The list of benefits of trees is quite long and provides a very compelling argument to have trees in your yard.

But did you know that there are actually self proclaimed “experts” who advocate not having trees in your own yard? It’s true. They even cite some reasons for their arguments about how these trees can actually pose serious hazards for your family and for your home.

According to these naysayers, there’s always the chance that tree branches can drop and injure people. Even the tree can overturn and fall on your house or on your car. The branches can overgrow and interfere with utility lines, while the roots can do structural damage to the buildings on your property.

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Of course, such problems can be addressed with proper tree maintenance, but these anti-tree advocates say that all these efforts are too much trouble. What they probably don’t realize is that the benefits of trees outweigh both the potential risk and the cost of maintenance.

6 Benefits Of Having Trees

Take a look:

Beautiful Hawaii Tree Landscaping

They’re Beautiful

This is the first thing that you’ll notice when you see a tree that’s well cared for. It’s like having a piece of artwork right there in your yard for you to see and enjoy anytime you’re home. Its beauty is also shared among your neighbors and the people in your community.

Take a picture of a house with a tree nearby, and then look at that same picture with the tree edited out. Notice the difference in how you perceive the property?

Adds Value To Your Home

Home buyers are often willing to pay extra for a property with a tree or two. In general, a landscaped property is 5% to 20% more valuable than their non-landscaped counterparts. If you’re a home seller, you really don’t want to remove a tree unless you really have to, since having that tree can really help in selling your home to buyers with families.

Trees Can Lower Energy Expenses

In the summer, having trees around to provide shade for your house can reduce your air conditioning costs. It’s been found that the cooling power of even a single tree shades your home is equivalent to having 10 room-sized air conditioners operating around your house for 20 hours a day.

How Trees Save Energy

These savings aren’t just limited to summer either. In the cold season, the windbreak function of the tree can keep the home from getting too cold, so you don’t have to use as much fossil fuel for your furnaces. As a bonus, you can even harvest the fallen branches as firewood.

Trees Can Calm Us Down

You can debate and argue why this is true, but what’s undeniable is that it is true that we feel restful and at peace when we’re around trees and greenery. Studies have already indicated that having trees around can provide concrete benefits. Traffic can calm down.

It can speed up your recover time if you’ve had surgery, since it’s been found that patients who have a view of trees out their windows actually heal faster and with fewer complications than patients who can only see buildings outside their windows.

Workplace fatigue and stress levels can be reduced just by having a view of trees outside. Even children with ADHD can exhibit fewer symptoms when you have trees around.

In fact, having trees is so calming that it can even help reduce crime rates. It’s been found that the crime rates are lower in apartment buildings that have lots of green space compared similar apartment buildings nearby without trees.

Why do you think parks have trees and greenery? Can you imagine just how depressing a park can be if it’s all made of concrete? The urban setting can be debilitating day in and day out, but the presence of trees can somehow feel reassuring.

Luxury Hawaii Trees

Sometimes The Benefit Of Trees Is Spiritual 

The effect is the same as when you enter a cathedral, because trees offer that same sense of magnificence and enduring strength. Trees are also often planted so that they can serve as living memorials. We can grow fond of a tree simply because it was planted by someone we love.

Trees Can Unite A Community 

A special tree’s place in a neighborhood can be similar to a local sports team. The people in the community can speak together in defense of a historic or special tree when it’s threatened by removal.

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